Get ready to meet the most enchanting (and only!) Unicorn Walker – Ian!

Ian is not your ordinary unicorn walker. He's a mystical being with a special gift for connecting and communicating with both unicorns AND humans.

With Ian by their side, your unicorn will be transported to a realm of endless adventures and tail-wagging fun. He's mastered the art of the perfect belly rub and the most epic game of fetch. Some even believe he has the secret technique to summon rainbows on command. Ian will lead your pup on the most extraordinary walks, where every step is filled with wonder and delight.

Whether your furry friend is a shy Shih Tzu or an energetic Golden Retriever, Ian's gentle nature and energy will create a bond that's truly out of this world. As an added bonus, he's also police-checked and is fully insured with Public Liability Insurance!